New Use for Waste Plastic

Plastic and recycling are always the main concepts when discussing problems with the environment. Over the past few years, new strides have been made in the world of plastic recycling. Roads and houses are starting to be constructed using waste plastic.

The plastic is made into pellets, which are then mixed in with asphalt to be made into a road. Every ton of asphalt contains approximately 20,000 single-use plastic bottles or around 70,000 single-use plastic bags. The plastic for houses is mixed with other materials and ground into powder, which is then melted and turned into beams, blocks, and pillars for houses. Each process does not produce pollution because the temperature is controlled to not release harmful gas.

The creators both had very similar ideas in mind when developing these materials. The main reason is to reduced waste plastic. The other purpose is to create strong materials. With plastic pollution increasing by the minute, we need to find ideas that provide a use for the waste. There are over 5 trillion pieces of plastic debris all over the world. Companies that are creating ideas to get rid of this waste need to come forward and make them happen so we can start to transform this waste into useful creations.


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